Dab Review: Mackinaw Trail Mix by Skörd

The Skörd Mackinaw Trail Mix is a PHO which stands for propane honey oil.  This type of extract typically uses propane and other natural gases rather than just butane. We got this great oil from A Greener Today’s Shoreline pot…
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A Greener Today — Online Ordering for Weed

A Greener Today Now Has Online Ordering for Weed

Yup, online ordering for weed is a reality. Just imagine this scenario: It’s been a long day at work. No, you don’t feel like going to the gym. No, you don’t feel like flexing the culinary chops you’ve been cultivating.…
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Q Tips: A Dabber’s Best Friend?

High end Q tips are available from many brands today and a variety of options are available from cheap to higher end. Today let’s talk a bit about whether or not they are worth it… Budget Swabs… This is a…
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Afghan Skunk Diamond Hash Review By Dank Czar

Strain:   Afghani Skunk Dank Czar Diamond Caviar Grower: Dank Czar Washington Recommended Consumption Method: Low temperature dabs from quartz surface or low temperature mode on Puffco Peak. Today we bring you a review from one of our many fridges full of…
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Hooves above the herd: The Repp’s Kobe Burger

At A Greener Today Weed Stores we are passionate about quality, artisan product, and the customer experience. Each single one of these criteria has been met by a Snohomish restaurant just a short drive from A Greener Today Bothell which…
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Alcohol Vs. Sugar, How do Tinctures work?

Tinctures occupy a unique space in the recreational cannabis market. They have many different properties which we will explore a bit. There are 2 main types of tinctures which we will cover both alcohol and sugar or glycerin based. This…
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