Beers, Bongs and Bacon

Bongs, Bourbon, and Bacon: What’s Not to Love?

Some things just belong together. Macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, bourbon and bacon… oh, hadn’t heard that last one? Well that’s about to change when you attend the Bourbon and Bacon Fest at the Seattle Design Center on…
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South Seattle Restaurants — A Greener Today

Four Must-Hit South Seattle Restaurants

The perfect meal starts with one of the best strains of marijuana from A Greener Today at 5201 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South in South Seattle. Flavors are a little more intense, colors are brighter, and the restaurant staff is…
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Hippie Sabotage — A Greener Today

Best Weed for Hippie Sabotage

Stoked to see Hippie Sabotage at Showbox SODO? “If you’re not familiar, Hippie Sabotage are two brothers and experimental hip-hop producers from Sacramento – who rose to fame with a remix of “Stay High” by Swedish singer Tove Lo.” Looking…
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Pot for Valentine's Day

How to Pick Out Pot For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and nothing says, “I love you boo” like a selection of the most popular strains of local marijuana. Everyone has their favorite at South Seattle’s best pot shop, so we’ve put together a…
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indica vs sativa - super bowl

Indica vs Sativa – Super Bowl Sunday Showdown

Here it is, Are you a “type” kind-of person? Meaning, you’re likely to pick types or favorites, for instance, in the following categories: blondes vs. brunettes, intelligence vs. sense of humor, introvert vs. extrovert, Mac vs. PC, comedy vs. drama,…
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Best Valentine's Day Date Spots - South Seattle

Best Valentine’s Date Spots in South Seattle

Do you have Valentine’s Day dinner reservations yet? If not, don’t sweat it. We’ve got suggestions for spots that are sure to impress, while satisfying every THC-induced food craving you and your date could ever have. And to top it…
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