Hooves above the herd: The Repp’s Kobe Burger

At A Greener Today Weed Stores we are passionate about quality, artisan product, and the customer experience.

Each single one of these criteria has been met by a Snohomish restaurant just a short drive from A Greener Today Bothell which you must experience. So today we take you to Snohomish county where the cows still roam to see why The Repp and its Kobe Burger stand hooves above the herd of local eateries. This is one secret you’ll want to share. Check out their facebook today!

Something to get out of the way ahead of time is the cost. This is a $15 burger. Up to $25 if you get all 3 toppings to add on and substitute a salad or soup for fries. If you think thats not for you, or uneconomical, we understand.  This is meant to be an informative look at a local indulgence, which isn’t for everyone.

It is rare that such a Symphony of flavors comes together so well as does this Burger. The blend on the patty is a secret and rightfully so. The quality and marbling of the Kobe Japanese beef is some of the best in the world. This is something you could experience here at a much lower price than a sit down steakhouse with a cut of meat that would be much smaller. The legendary Kobe beef is seasoned and then grilled to a perfect and juicy medium rare when it is then topped with onion and bacon jam, aioli, harvest greens and your choice of cheeses. This patty can stand by itself as a simple cheese burger but there are a few amazing add ons that take this sandwich to the next level. The fried egg, bacon and goat cheese fritters are all great options to elevate this burger.

Substituting a salad can be a lighter way to experience the burger, albeit a little expensive at a $3 exchange cost. Try the roasted Caesar salad. Grilling lettuce is something I’ve tried myself a few times before but the execution here is great.

This review would be incomplete without a mention of the risotto with a variety of local mushrooms and topped with a creamy and dense demi glace pictured below.

Available in two additional flavor profiles; the risotto’s perfect texture and seasoning is yet another testament to the Chef’s technique and ingredient quality that are ever present at The Repp.

They don’t have a website but they’re not hard to find, so make the journey into Snohomish after you grab some top notch Pot from our store experts at A Greener Today Bothell.