Fall’s Best Bets: Flower edition!

  As we sink slowly from the balmy days of Seattle summer into the cool afternoons of fall it is time to switch up our smoking routine. Just as we might be putting the lawn mower away for the season our cannabis inventory needs an oil change too.

Let’s touch on some adjustments we could make to our smoking repertoire as the seasons turn darker, cooler, and as the vitamin D begins to wane.


One of the first and foremost brands to watch would be House of Cultivar, followed closely by Skord. Both cannabis growers employ a group of knowledgeable and experienced individuals who know how to grow the right weed for the season.

 The Black Triangle from Skord and the White Tahoe Cookies from House of Cultivar are some new winter strains to watch. Both strains hail from a lineage which boasts over 60% indica dominance and either one would be a perfect partner for a season long binge of your favorite show.

Another amazing flower you must smoke is the Strawberry Banana from Stable Cannabis. Stable cannabis occupies a higher price point then some other brands but the quality is worth the price. One bowl of this and you’ll be feeling excellent. Two and you may be on the floor.

That’s what’s so great about these top shelf flowers. You don’t need to keep smoking and smoking to get the desired effect.

How little you need to smoke as well as the overall product quality make Stable cannabis a sure bet for fall.

A Greener Today cannabis has been doing cannabis business in the Seattle area since 2012. We currently have 4 weed shops around the Seattle to serve you. Whether you are in Walla Walla, Seattle, Bothell or Shoreline we have a fresh fall flower selection to tickle your palate. Simply put: Youll love shopping with us at AGT.

As a family owned and operated establishment we are both accessible and passionate. Please let our staff know if there is something we have done well or could do better. We can’t wait to see you.