Holiday Ganja Gift Guide and Stoner Stocking Stuffers!

Happy Holidays!  Welcome back to that time of year when you are either making plans or breaking them, hanging Christmas lights, ohh and Christmas tree hunting…a favorite past time. To make things easier for those “hard to gift” friends who…

Dab Review: Mackinaw Trail Mix by Skörd

The Skörd Mackinaw Trail Mix is a PHO which stands for propane honey oil.  This type of extract typically uses propane and other natural gases rather than just butane. We got this great oil from A Greener Today’s Shoreline pot…

North Seattle’s Best Stoned-Date Ideas

Stuff To Do Stoned
Finding the right date idea for you and your happily stoned other half can be tough. Fortunately for you A Greener Today has years of experience finding cool stuff to do while enjoying some great weed in North Seattle. The…
A Greener Today — Online Ordering for Weed

A Greener Today Now Has Online Ordering for Weed

Yup, online ordering for weed is a reality. Just imagine this scenario: It’s been a long day at work. No, you don’t feel like going to the gym. No, you don’t feel like flexing the culinary chops you’ve been cultivating.…

Afghan Skunk Diamond Hash Review By Dank Czar

Strain:   Afghani Skunk Dank Czar Diamond Caviar Grower: Dank Czar Washington Recommended Consumption Method: Low temperature dabs from quartz surface or low temperature mode on Puffco Peak. Today we bring you a review from one of our many fridges full of…