BHO: An intro to the many types of dabs!

Dabbing! It can be fun or it can be confusing, and since nobody wants to spend $100 to end up at home with some un-tasty oil straight out of 2008; Let’s take a look this week at an introduction to…
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Plant Growth Regulators, a Short Introduction.

Because of the laws regarding packaging and sales of cannabis in Washington state everything must be prepackaged. This leaves most customers looking backward fondly at the days of open jar service before legalization and I-502 in 2012. The smell of…
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Best Seattle Concerts For Smoking

As the Fourth of July fades and we head into the twilight of summer, let’s take some time to enjoy some music and culture around Seattle. The hot days have just begun as have the hot concerts that the PNW…
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Best Shoreline Parks to Enjoy While High

When it comes to appreciating the beautiful scenery of North Seattle, it’s essential to get the right strain from A Greener Today at 16053 Aurora Ave N Suite B in Shoreline to put you in the perfect frame of mind.…
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Weed for Weeding

April Showers Bring May Flowers — Weed for Weeding

It’s been a long rough winter, and we’re all welcoming the telltale signs of spring: clusters of daffodils, crocuses like purple jewels, and the first tulips and lilies. But these welcome flowers don’t come alone. Here in the Seattle/Tacoma area,…
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