Dab Review: Mackinaw Trail Mix by Skörd

The Skörd Mackinaw Trail Mix is a PHO which stands for propane honey oil.  This type of extract typically uses propane and other natural gases rather than just butane. We got this great oil from A Greener Today’s Shoreline pot shop. Our fridge is ice cold and freshly stocked with the best and freshest dabs and concentrates for you to enjoy. Come see why we’re the best place to shop for weed in Shoreline Washington.

The PHO process results in a characteristic Orange wax with a very pungent odor. The mackinaw trail mix can overwhelm your nose with it’s piney odor. The strain is sativa dominant but there plenty of indica resulting in a 60% Sativa/40% Indica blend.

Check out everyone’s favorite cannabis resource Leafly for more information about Mackinaw Trail Mix and the growers themselves, Skörd Marijuana.

The wax is pretty easy to work with but it can get sticky when warm. Use clean dab tools or place it in the fridge for a few minutes and dab away.

You could use these dabs to enhance a joint or a blunt. But we suggest that this oil is best when dabbed off of quartz or titanium. Low temperatures add to the flavor of this tasty concentrate. The lower temperatures allow for more flavor and THC to be absorbed. For a guide on how to dab your oils at low temps check out this article here from Daily High Club. 

When we dabbed the Skörd Mackinaw Trail Mix off a quartz bucket we were left with a good balance of relaxation and motivation. This cannabis oil has a good blend of sedated indica feelings and active sativa inspiration which make it perfect for anytime of day.  Less experienced smokers should take it slow because too large of a dab could make you a bit paranoid. This is definitely a top shelf oil for a stoner who knows the good stuff when they see it. 

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