A Greener Today’s Guide to Edibles for the Novice Consumer

There are so many ways to enjoy marijuana, we want to be sure you explore all your options.

Are you new to the glory of weed edibles? They are a great way to get the same benefits of cannabis without having to smoke. In fact, eating marijuana can even give you a long-lasting body high, which can be quite different from a high you’d get from lighting up. There are some important things to remember while wading into the waters of pot edibles. Never fear though, we at “A Greener Today” pot shop in South Seattle have compiled a short list of tips to consider in the effort to make your time high the best experience possible.

Start small. Most edibles come in individual packs that contain 10mg of THC. Begin with a single edible and see how you feel. It can take up to a half hour before you start to feel the high so it is best to ease your way into it. If 10mg isn’t enough, you can obviously keep eating until you get to your special mind space.

Put yourself in a calming environment. If you’re not sure how you’ll react, it is a good idea to hang out in places you are comfortable. Maybe rent a movie or put on your favorite chill-out music, turn down the lights and let it happen, man.

Drink a lot of water. While this is just a really good idea for life in general, edibles have been reported to cause dry mouth and keeping hydrated helps everything.

Ask Questions. Come in and say hi to us! We’re located near Columbia City and we’re ready to find the best edible for you. Are you looking for a creative high or more of a relaxed sense of “couch-lock?” Tell us your wants and needs and we will make sure you walk out of the shop satisfied. We have a huge selection of edibles. It’s not just brownies anymore.