A Greener Today’s message on recent vaping concerns.

To Our AGT Family:

There are a lot of questions lately concerning the safety of cannabis vape cartridges.  As much as we would love to alleviate all of your fears and concerns, the best we can do is present the facts to you as they are, so you can make your best judgments. 

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)1, “the specific chemical exposure(s) causing lung injuries associated with e-cigarette use, or vaping, remains unknown at this time.”  The CDC1 also states that “national and regional findings suggest products containing THC play a role in the outbreak.”

We wish we could tell you more than this, but the research is still being done.  This is an extremely complex issue because the reported outbreaks span across different products across the country. Some cases involve THC, some involve nicotine and some involve both, making it harder to find links.  We can tell you that according to the CDC’s website, Washington has had only between 1-9 reported cases of lung injury. 

Most of our cartridge vendors have issued statements that they do NOT use illegal pesticides or use cutting agents in their products. We will be posting links to their statements soon, so you can read for yourself. However, as stated above, the specific causes of the vape illnesses remain unknown.

A vape ban is coming to Washington very soon.  It is not yet known what types of vape products will be banned. It is our sincere hope that the ban gives researchers the time to discover the actual causes of the reported vaping illnesses.  This question mark needs a clear, unbiased and definitive answer as soon as possible. 

The safest way to avoid a vaping caused illness is obviously to abstain from vaping.  There are many other marijuana products out there. Yes, it is hard to beat the convenience and discretion of vaping, but if you are worried, this may be the time to ask our staff and explore a new way to consume your cannabis.

Thank you,
A Greener Today Management

A Greener Today ManagementSources: 1. Center for Disease Control (CDC):  https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/severe-lung-disease.html