Major’s Infused THC Drink Review: Better than Booze?

Major’s Infused THC Weed Drinks:

After all of these weeks stuck at home with the family, I am sure you could use a drink!  But, like a growing number of people out there, alcohol isn’t our jam, even though the countless beer commercials can make me feel like it should be.  At last, there is a solution.  Meet Major’s Infused THC Weed drinks.  These little guys are better than booze and infused with cannabis to combine the quick-effect-feeling of alcohol but with a wonderful symphony of cannabinoids instead!

Majors are best enjoyed with family and friends, many of whom you may already be stuck at home with.  This lovely cannabis beverage eliminates the need to sneak outside for a toke or three.  It also provides a way for us non-drinkers to feel more included when our friends and family are sipping on their boozy drinks.  Pour some Major THC in your favorite cocktail cup, add an umbrella and SIP your way to STONED this spring with A Greener Today Marijuana.

General Product and Producer information:

When Major’s first hit the market, they made a big splash due to their nearly immediate effects and low price.  They come in small 2oz bottles with a total of 100mg THC with a recommended serving size of 10mg.  The cost to the customer is typically only around $20 out the door after tax.

Just recently, they released new flavors for you to choose from.  Enjoy them all and find your favorite flavor in: Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Passionfruit and Sacred Grape.

Major’s are made by the producer Green Med Lab and powered by Sorse Technology.  An excerpt from their website explains how their product has higher bioavailability and is purer than many others on the market:

                   “SōRSE is designed to blanket cannabinoids which allows for greater absorption in the
intestinal tract.  This ensures full effect, commonly felt within 10 – 20 minutes.” 

Basically, you’re stoned about as fast as you’d get drunk if it were alcohol.  The best part, NO HANGOVER!

Packaging and Appeal:

Majors previously came in a fun and vibrant plastic bottle with a measuring cap on top.  Note that the newly released flavors have measuring marks on the side of the bottle so you can pour with more freedom than before.  The medicinal style dosage cap is gone.  The brightly colored labeling remains and it is easy to tell which flavor you have selected.

The plastic bottle doesn’t feel “quite” as high end as glass in your hand.  That said, the price point more than makes up for the difference in packaging.  On average, this drink is about $5-$10 less than rivals.


The taste is on point for such a potent cannabis drink.  The flavors are exactly what you should expect from a high-end pot company.  The taste of marijuana is slight and barely noticeable.  If I tasted it any less, I’d worry I got a drink without any weed in it.  I prefer to shoot mine straight, but they’re also great when mixed with sparkling water or tonic for some bubbles.  They also mix well with juice and soda.  You can have a lot of fun crafting yourself your very own tasty weed “cocktail”.

Final thoughts on how they may affect you:

If you don’t have any experience with edibles prior to this: take it slow and follow the dosage guidelines.

The effect is very similar to alcohol, beginning with a quick euphoria about 5-20 minutes after consuming.  It then moves to an overall relaxed mind and body high.  Keep in mind everyone’s body chemistry is different, so effects may vary from person to person.

These drinks must be enjoyed with patience until you understand your individual tolerance level.  The immediate effects of the drink can overwhelm an inexperienced consumer.  Be in a safe space, get well hydrated and eat something before diving in.  This will help you enjoy your experience to its full potential.

Here’s an article from that provides a good explanation on the difference between consuming edibles and smoking.  Just because you can pleasurably smoke a ton of potent flower and concentrates does not necessarily mean that you have the capacity to dive headfirst into the deep end of the edible pool.  As the article explains, ingesting THC is very different from inhaling.  Ingesting THC can affect you much stronger and longer.

As long as you go slow and follow the dosage guidelines, you will have a great experience with Major THC drinks from Green Med Lab.  These drinks can open a whole new world of enjoyment to the passionate pothead.

Bon voyage!