Concentrate Review: Dank Czar Wedding Cake Hash Rosin Custard


The days are getting hot and ice cream is in season!  But which tasty extract should I match up with a bowl of Half Baked?

Fortunately for us dabbers, the award winning growing and extraction team at Dank Czar has a summer treat that will keep you running back for another scoop.

The rosin custard from Dank Czar is the embodiment of their mantra “Hash Over Everything“,  with nearly the highest level of purification that can be achieved in hashish without the introduction of potentially harsh solvents.

The best rosin in the state at A Greener Today Marijuana.

Quality rosin at A Greener Today Marijuana.



Each gram of rosin custard begins its life as part of a whole plant which is first  extracted using an ice and water method and then strained through graduated micron bags to achieve classic bubble hash.  The hash could be smoked at this time, and with the right micron size may even be dabbable.  But, the team at Dank Czar takes it one step further…

After the bubble hash is separated by quality, only the highest levels make it to the next step of the rosin process.

The hashish is packed into fine mesh extraction bags so that as the heat and pressure of the rosin process force the oil [or dabs] out of the bubble hash, the larger plant particles are left behind in the bag.

Utilizing carefully regulated heat and extreme pressure the extraction bag is squished between the metal plates until the liquid rosin custard drips out.  Rosin custard is to regular dabs as 151 is to beer.  It is simply a more purified product.

Check out this video from pure pressure for an in depth look at the process we described above.

“Hash Over Everything”.  Dank Czar Wedding Cake Hash Rosin Custard. Available at A Greener Today.


THE END PRODUCT – Taste and Effect:

The photos above speak for themselves about the visual allure of this hash.  It’s packaged in a nice hefty glass jar,

We dabbed this wedding cake rosin custard off of a quartz surface using a cold start technique to preserve the flavor and intensity of the first dab.

Nothing about this product held back.  The intense citrus and pepper nose hit immediately upon stirring the beautiful creamy custard hash.  The first dab opened our eyes with an uplifting and euphoric feeling that stopped short of any sativa racy feelings.  With the second dab we settled into a happy state and played some xbox while snacking on some chips.  The mild munchies brought on by the wedding cake were enjoyable because they do not leave you feeling endlessly famished.

Frankly, it is high end, so the price point of around $70 is not for everyone.  But, if you want to experience what decades of dedication to hashish can produce,  don’t cheat yourself.  Also, ask your AGT budtender about ways to save.  Certain sales days may allow this product to be discounted up to 20% off.

This is in the private stashes of growers far and wide.  Now you can get a toke of what’s behind the curtain.  For a limited time at A Greener Today.