Afghan Skunk Diamond Hash Review By Dank Czar

Strain:   Afghani Skunk Dank Czar Diamond Caviar

Grower: Dank Czar Washington

Recommended Consumption Method: Low temperature dabs from quartz surface or low temperature mode on Puffco Peak.

Today we bring you a review from one of our many fridges full of beautiful BHO and other dabbable hashes. Dank Czar is a local grower from Arlington, WA and focuses on putting out some amazing diamonds and sauce. The Dank Czar team has decades of combined experience in growing and extraction to ensure you’re getting the cleanest and highest quality cannabis every time. 

The Dank Czar diamonds and sauce is a highly concentrated cannabis product intended for dabbing or vaporizing. The diamond caviar looks like a collection of tiny diamonds floating in a beautiful pool of bright yellow and deep orange terpenes.

The separated terpenes allow you to customize your dabbing experince as well; you could scoop more THC diamonds for a more immediate high or choose more terpene sauce for a more flavorful dab with a well rounded effect.

  This hash is not for the feint of heart as its very heavy Indica influence could leave a more lightweight smoker easily slumped. This strain has a very heavily bodily effect and left us feeling a little goofy also. This is the perfect bedtime snack to have you drifting slowly off to sleep.

According to “This popular classic strain was originally developed in the United States to cross the pure Indica genetics of an Afghani strain with the durable genes of Skunk plants.” You can also read more about Indica Vs. Sativa strains and their unique differences at this link here.

Quartz is the recommended dabbing surface for a product like this. You can read a bit more about the benefits of quartz at Toker Supply’s Blog right here.

The flavor of this particular diamond strain was musky, earthy and woody. The dabs coated our entire palate in a deep and rich flavor reminiscent of a good whiskey. Dabbing at a low temperature is essential to getting the full benefits and taste of a high end hashish like this. This isn’t the type of hash you want to just throw into a joint or a blunt. 

Dank Czar brought their team of growers and hash artists to the Washington weed market and we couldn’t be happier. Check out one of their dozens of strains ranging from heavy indica to heavy sativa and everything in between.

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