In order to make sure our patients get proper attention and have limited waits, our medical consultants are available by appointment.
If you have been issued your medical marijuana authorization form from your healthcare practitioner and need a recognition card made, please call or email the location that is most convenient for you and we will get you scheduled.
AGT gives all patients an extra 10% OFF on purchases.  *This cannot be combined with other specials.

Recognition Card

How to join the database and get a Recognition Card from AGT
  • Once you have you medical marijuana authorization from a healthcare practitioner, schedule an appointment with one of A Greener Today’s medical marijuana consultants. You may call or email.
  • Take your authorization form and your Identification to your appointment at A Greener Today.
  • Once at AGT, ask for your consultant. Give your consultant your authorization form so that he or she can enter your information into the database, take your picture, and create a new medical marijuana recognition card.