Lifted Cannabis all-star strain: Wedding Cake is ring-worthy!

Popular strains are always coming and going in cannabis. We’ve come a long way from the days of Chocolate Thai, to Blue Dream and even recently Gorilla Glue. Something fresh is always bursting on to the scene and setting the new precedent for flavor and popularity.

One strain which has caused quite a ruckus in the market for some time now is wedding cake. Wedding cake has also been called pink cookies and is a very popular cross between girl scout cookies and cherry pie.

This delicious strain has a rich flavor with sweet earthy and peppery notes. These are derived from its OG Kush and Durban poison lineage. This strain is certainly one of the most potent to be found and thc crystals cover the beautiful flowers.

According to the effects most commonly experienced and associated with wedding cake are: relaxation, euphoria and and energetic mood. Wedding cake can also induce some hunger, but this was not found to be as prevalent.

Wedding cake is perfect for any time of day and won’t leave you feeling weighed down by smoking. This is something that is prized among cannabis strains and marks a true connoisseur strain. Consumers have nearly too many choices about where to shop for their legal weed nowadays. The hardest thing to find can be a reliable brand at a reliable store with good staff. This is exactly what can be found with Lifted Cannabis at AGT. A Greener Today Cannabis has won many awards in competition during our medical days and the same level of experience and honesty comes through today in our service to customers.

A greener today marijuana has 4 locations in Walla Walla, Bothell, Shoreline and South Seattle. Each one of our family owned weed stores is freshly stocked with the best products multiple times a week. And out knowledgeable staff will be there to guide you to the right cannabis product for you from start to finish.

  At A Greener today we understand that shopping for legal weed can be intimidating, even if it’s not your first time. We welcome out of state customers and first timers looking to get a little bit more information before they dive in to this exciting new world of experiences.

Lifted cannabis is our primary provider of the wedding cake flower, be sure to ask your budtender about their other well known strains at your next visit to A Greener Today.