A Greener Today Now Has Online Ordering for Weed

Yup, online ordering for weed is a reality.

Just imagine this scenario: It’s been a long day at work. No, you don’t feel like going to the gym. No, you don’t feel like flexing the culinary chops you’ve been cultivating. You definitely don’t feel like yoga. And no, you’re not in the mood for happy hour with friends. You’re in deep hibernation mode. Even eating out sounds like too much work. You just want to freaking chill.

And you deserve it! You say a little prayer of thanks for the Internet and order a large pizza for pick-up on your way home. Yes! Everything is set. But then it occurs to you that one thing is missing for the perfect evening of self-care. Well, we’re happy to report that your no-hassle night just got even easier. You can now pre-order your buds and marijuana concentrates online, thus streamlining your stop at A Greener Today.

A Greener Today has got you covered with pot shops all over the Greater Seattle and Washington State area. Plus each one of them has online ordering!

Check out our list of friendly weed stores by clicking here. If you’re in South Seattle or Walla Walla we’ve got your back with large selections and fridges full of hash. On the north end of Seattle we’ve got AGT Family weed stores in Shoreline, Bothell, Lynnwood and Gold Bar as well. The AGT Family of pot shops all around the Seattle area are your best bet for quality pesticide-free selection and knowledgeable sales assistance.

Our online menu offers our entire excellent selection of marijuana edibles, pre-rolled joints, topicals, marijuana wax, shatter, and other concentrates. This will allow you to make an informed decision at your leisure, without banging elbows with other customers. By the time you arrive at the shop, your order will be ready and waiting. Suddenly your pizza just go that much tastier!

Here’s a few of our latest favorites from the online menu for our South Seattle pot shop:

AC/DC High CBD from Leaves of Grass

With only 1.1% THC and a relaxing wallop of 18% CBD, this strain is perfect for eliminating social anxiety while leaving you energetic and fully functional. AC/DC is used for treating pain, insomnia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy.

9LB Hammer Flower from Hang Roots 

If you happen to need maximum relaxation this is exactly the strain for you. This flower will hit you exactly as the name intends. Hard and incapacating. Originally bred by a mysterious grower named JinxProof this strain can be seen in all of our stores. Rumor has it you could catch a glimpse of the man himself if you time it right at A Greener Today…

Blue Dream Pre-roll from Artizen 

Blue Dream is a classic for a reason–the sparkling cerebral high, pleasant body buzz, and dank flavor. With a big happy punch of THC this pre-roll will deliver your dream of mellow full-body relaxation.