A Brief Retrospective on Public Smoking

Cannabis consumption is a realm which has always been policed. It comes as no surprise that even with legalization there could still be some record questions for enjoying our new found freedom and public. A $27 ticket which is a civil infraction, not a criminal charge, and could not possibly land you in jail therefore: is the only penalty left for smoking in public.

 We at a greener today thought that it could be intriguing and informative to take a look back at officer Randy Jokela’s track record as the most persistent pot-cop ever to exist.

With the recent case of a local resident being harassed by seattle police for simply trying to light a joint which happened to be “rolled too tightly” reaching notoriety the Stranger this month, we thought this was all too important a time to take a look at public consumption of cannabis and what it truly means.

Public cannabis consumption doesn’t mean the same thing as the Brown bag used to mean for the liquor store. The Brown bag was once indicative of the fact that an individual’s beverage of choice was only their business. This differs slightly when it comes to cannabis consumption, as the smoke can drift and become pervasive and let others know what your relaxation method of choice is.  The fact that alcohol is consumed without odor and occasionally without trash or residue left over is different from cannabis which is often smoked and can leave whiff coming down the block to an easily offended nose.

However we would posit that ourselves and the majority of cannabis smokers take care to be discreet and are not trying to offend
They are simply not trying to expose anyone to the aroma of cannabis who would not be expecting it.

In addition, what would anyone who reports the smoking of cannabis in public stand to gain? Certainly the “unpleasant” experience of smelling cannabis had already passed, and nothing stood to be gained but a feeling of superiority by calling the authorities.

The same can be said of officers who enforce the anti smoking laws. Are they truly doing their best for our community by engaging a member of the public who has chosen to calm and center themselves in a personal moment? Is the public made safer by someone who is alone or with a complicit group or friends being harassed in their front street on a breezy winter night?

We would posit that the answer to all of these questions is no. Please take a minute and reference the very intriguing article on Randy J, the Seattle police officer who issued more than 80% of all police tickets given in 2014 and before.  Cannabis consumption, public knowledge, and law enforcement all have a long way to go. Let us all hope and help to be part of the new future. Let us look forward and not backward, and please, police officers, stop harassing people for smoking on the street who are harming no one.

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Front image from:https://pixabay.com/en/squad-car-police-lights-city-urban-1209719/