BaBar U Village: An asian munchie Oasis for the thirsty and stoned…

Every once in a while we all need to relive a bit of our potentially long lost youth. This is exactly where Babar in University village can come in handy.  After you have grabbed some great legal weed from a greener today’s shop in shoreline, check out this place located just a few miles away in North Seattle. A visit to Babar could easily be described as a cross between a college foodie trip to Vietnam, and the best house party you’ve ever been to. With a menu which is constantly evolving, and food which is definitely best consumed before or during heavy drinking, Babar is a University village main stay.

With a menu that centers around the late Anthony board Danes favorite far on Earth, in addition to some of the best rice-flour breaded chicken wings we have ever had Babbar really brings the heat and the spice to the stoned and drunk palate.

Keep a close eye on the banh Cuon Menu as the week gets long. These traditional treats are available for limited hours during the end of the week only.  The rotisserie duck is the one to go with and the side of sliced imperial rolls brings the crunchy and fresh  vegetable flavor that a rich fowl demands.

Taking a closer look at the soup, one should note that they have a vegan option which is possibly the most delicious. The vegan Broth stands out with the fresh broccoli and onion flavors  balanced well with the acidity and natural oils to form a beautiful flavor palette for those who dont indulge in flesh.

Taking a step toward the more adventurous soups however you will find what is known as Anthony Bourdain’s favorite pho. Featuring animal blood, obscure cuts of meat and that magical bone broth; this is one for the seasoned foodie or adventurous first time customer alike.  The mixture of textures along with the differences in spice sweet bitter and rich flavors create an unmatched pho.
Next time you are in University village take time and be a little bit more adventurous than you normally would. Go to Babar, order some soup, order something you don’t recognize. Do this after walking right past to be comfortably recognizable steakhouse and pizza places. Stand out from the crowd, and show your palette something truly different at Babar.

As a family owned and operated establishment we are both accessible and passionate. please let our staff know if there is something we have done well for could do better. We truly care about the customer experience, Especially as the months grow cold.

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