AGT Curbside Service

Dear Customers,
We can’t thank you enough for taking proper steps towards battling Covid-19, Coronavirus.  As we adjust our lives at home, AGT is also constantly monitoring what our local, state and federal governments are requiring us to do.  We are meticulously cleaning our stores and taking extra steps to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.  With careful consideration we are adjusting our hours and adding an, “AGT Curbside Service” at our Shoreline and South Seattle locations.

MON-SAT:  8:05 am – 10:00 pm
SUNDAY:  9:00 am – 10:00 pm

We NOW have curbside available!
Can I order from my phone or computer?  Should I stay in my car? Can I use a debit or credit card?  YES! We have the AGT Curbside Process outlined for you below.

We are currently accepting Credit Card, Debit Card (for cashless ATM) and Cash payments at AGT Shoreline & AGT Seattle.  Here’s how that works. When using a Credit or Debit Card, customers will receive a $3.50 processing fee and we have a $50.00 minimum for Credit Card orders.

“We will NOT complete sales if anyone in the vehicle is under 21.  We require the driver and passenger(s) to present valid ID upon arrival.”

Shoreline – AGT Curbside Process

  1. Order ahead by using your phone, tablet or computer to place your order through “Shoreline’s Online Menu”
  2. Once we have notified you that your order is ready, please come to the store.
  3. After arriving into our parking lot, CALL the store, (206)801-7756 and we will ask you to provide the following information.
    1. Your First & Last Name
    2. Vehicle Description
    3. *Recognition Card, if you are a Medical Patient
  4. We will review your order with you over the phone at this time and then, an AGT Budtender will validate your information and come outside to meet you at your vehicle to personally check your ID’s or any passenger(s) and collect payment.
  5. Your order is brought to you after we tender the sale on our systems.
  6. Our AGT Budtenders will show you each item in the bag(s) to ensure accuracy.  We can even put it directly into the trunk of your vehicle so you can quarantine your product if you would like.

With all the stresses and pressures of a new way of life during these challenging times, we are fortunate to serve our communities.  Respect each other, be safe, be well, above all be patient. We promise too.

With love & light,

“The times they are a-changin”
~Bob Dylan